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Not A Fairy Tale (I)May 31 2020
Revelation 12:1-17
In Revelation 12:3 we read of "a great, fiery red dragon." A fairy tale? Not hardly! The dragon is Satan. In part one of our study we will consider the dragon's description, his defection, and his determination.
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Two Too ManyMay 24 2020
Revelation 11:3-13
Two witnesses for God will be active during the the seven year tribulation period. We don't know their names. But we do learn about their work, their walk, their well-being, the wake that will be held for them, and their waking up.
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Saved, Sealed, DeliveredMay 17 2020
Revelation 7 & 14
In chapters seven and fourteen of Revelation the 144,000 are mentioned. Who are the 144,000? Among other things, we learn that they are saved, sealed and delivered.
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Pictures of a Mother & Her SonMay 10 2020
Revelation 19:11-21
Pictures of a mother and her son. The first picture is that of the mother's reunion with her son. The second is that of the mother's reward by her son. The third and final is that of the mother's return with her son.
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Will the Elders Please Stand?May 3 2020
Revelation 4:1-11
The twenty four elders, first mentioned in Revelation 4, are pictured as being glorious, victorious, and sagacious.
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A Prophet on TrialApr 26 2020
Jeremiah 26:1-24
Jeremiah was a prophet on trial. The account of Jeremiah's trial features his duty, the death threat against him, his defense and his deliverance.
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Multiples & More MultiplesApr 19 2020
Jeremiah 25:1-38
What do we discover in Jeremiah 25? Multiples and more multiples! There are multiple messengers, multiple messages and multiple metaphors.
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The Resurrected RedeemerApr 12 2020
John 20:1-18
Thus far we have looked at two portraits of our Redeemer. The portrait that we will consider today is that of the resurrected Redeemer. The risen Christ's appearance to Mary Magdalene will be the focus of our study.
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The Redeeming RedeemerApr 5 2020
Matthew 26 & 27
The portrait of Christ that we will now focus on is that of the Redeeming Redeemer. There are two important details to consider. The willingness of the Redeemer to go to the cross and His unwillingness to come down from the cross.
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The Resolved Redeemer (II)Mar 29 2020
John 17:1-5
In His high priestly prayer recorded in John 17, Jesus prayed for His disciples, future believers, and Himself. In praying for Himself it is evident that He was resolved. Resolved, first of all, to complete the way in which His Father would have Him go. Resolved to complete the will of His Father. Resolved to complete the work His Father had given Him to do.
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