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Abide With UsApr 14 2019
Luke 24:28-35
On the road to Emmaus two disciples encountered the risen Lord. He was a stranger to them and continued to be right up until they arrived at Emmaus. What happened after that?
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The Place Called CalvaryApr 7 2019
Luke 23:33-48
"And they came to the place called Calvary." What about the place called Calvary? What do we learn from Luke's account of Christ's crucifixion?
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Christian DutiesMar 31 2019
James 5:16-20
James closes his letter by focusing the attention of his readers on three important Christian duties. Each of the duties can be summed up in a word. The duties being inspection, intercession and intervention.
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Knowing the Time (II)Mar 24 2019
James 5:14-15
In v. 13 the focus is on knowing the time to pray and knowing the time to praise. In v. 14-15 James draws the attention of his readers to knowing the time to prevail upon the elders
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Knowing the Time (I)Mar 17 2019
James 5:13
In James 5:13 the focus is on knowing the time. First of all, knowing the time to pray and, secondly, knowing the time to praise.
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Don't Forget!Mar 10 2019
James 5:10-12
In the midst of their trials and struggles what were James's readers to do? Among other things they were not to forget. James's message is three-fold. Don't forget the prophets! Don't forget the proverbial sufferer! And don't forget the promises of God!
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What Does the Future Hold for Israel?Mar 3 2019
Zechariah 3:1-10
What does the future hold for Israel? Zechariah 3 makes it clear that Israel has a glorious future. This will begin to be realized when the Messiah comes to establish His earthly kingdom.
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What About the Day of the Lord?Feb 24 2019
2 Thessalonians 2:1-5
What about the day of the Lord? Had it come? This was one of the matters that was troubling the Thessalonian church in the 1st century. In 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5 the Apostle Paul addressed this matter and set the record straight.
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Wise WaitingFeb 17 2019
James 5:7-9
We are waiting for the coming of the Lord. And we are to be waiting wisely. What does waiting wisely require? There are at least three requirements: patience, persuasion and persistence.
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Rich RemindersFeb 10 2019
James 5:1-6
In vv. 1-6 James has rich reminders for his readers. Reminders for the rich. He begins with this reminder; do not hold off in using wealth wisely. He follows up this reminder with three more.
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