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An End Times Enigma (I)May 22 2022
Ezekiel 38:1-6
Does the United States have a major role to play in the end times? And, if not, why not? There are at least a couple of reasons as to why we should not be overly surprised that there is no mention of our nation in regard to end time prophecy.
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The Right ApproachMay 8 2022
Esther 10:1-3
The right approach to the book of Esther is the "all of God" approach. When this approach is taken the greatness of God is manifested in His incomparable sovereignty, His integrity and His ingenuity.
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A Time to CelebrateMay 1 2022
Esther 9:17-32
When is it time to celebrate? After a great victory! The Jews had gained a great victory over their enemies. It was time to celebrate. And that is exactly what they did.
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A Winning HandApr 24 2022
Esther 9:1-17
Esther and her people had a winning hand. They had four fores. They had forewarning. They were forearmed. They had foresight. They had forethought.
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In Need of a MiracleApr 17 2022
Esther 8:1-14
Esther and her people - the Jews - were in need of a miracle. Their enemy, Haman, was dead. But his decree calling for the extermination of the Jews lived on. Esther 8 reveals that their need for a miracle was met and how it came about.
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The End of an EnemyApr 10 2022
Esther 7:1-14
Haman was an enemy of Esther and her people. His end came about through a three-step process. The enemy's exposure, his extraordinary blunders, and his execution.
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A Sleepless NightApr 3 2022
Esther 6:1-14
The king of Persia's insomnia, his inquiries and his instructions are the focus of Esther 6. They set the stage for Esther's showdown with Haman.
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"Welcome to My Web"Mar 27 2022
Esther 5:6-14
Like a spider weaving a web to trap flies, so Esther weaved a web to trap Haman. But why did Haman fall into the trap? Esther 5:6-14 provides the following clues. To start with, there was Haman's blissfulness. Then there was his bitterness, his boastfulness and his barrenness.
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A Royal PerformanceMar 20 2022
Esther 5:1-5
In her audience before the king, Esther gave a royal performance. Key components of Esther's performance included her appearance, her approval and her approach.
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A Momentous DecisionMar 13 2022
Esther 4:1-15
When Esther learned of the plight of her people she was faced with a momentous decision. What factors led up to her decision? To start with, there was Mordecai's mourning. Then there was his informing Esther of the situation. Finally, there was Mordecai's warning.
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