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Staying or StrayingJul 14 2019
Jeremiah 5 & 6
There are three parts to the message Jeremiah was to deliver to the people as set forth in chapters 5 & 6. The first part being the proficiency of the people. Secondly, the punishment of the people. Thirdly, the preference of the people.
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Fully PerplexedJun 30 2019
Habakkuk 1:1-17
Habakkuk was a fully perplexed prophet. He was confused, confronted with a conundrum and conflicted.
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A Devastating ChapterJun 23 2019
Jeremiah 4:1-31
Jeremiah 4 is a devastating chapter. It features a devastating invasion, a devastated prophet and a devastated land.
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A Needy PeopleJun 16 2019
Jeremiah 3:1-25
The people of Judah in Jeremiah's time were a needy people. There was a need for remorse, for repentance, and for restoration.
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Nails in the CoffinJun 9 2019
Jeremiah 2:1-37
The people of the Southern Kingdom of Judah built their own coffin. That is to say, they brought God's judgment upon themselves. Jeremiah 2 sets forth some of the "nails" in the coffin.
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The Prophet From AnathothJun 2 2019
Jeremiah 1:1-19
In the opening verses of Jeremiah chapter one the focus is on the call of the prophet. This followed by the concern, the consolation, and the confirmation of the prophet.
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An Ancient Hatred (I)May 26 2019
Obadiah 10-21
Obadiah was given a vision from God concerning Edom. The vision had three parts. The declaration of God, the deadly disease that afflicted the Edomites and the death of anti-Semitism.
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An Ancient Hatred (I)May 19 2019
Obadiah 1-9
Anti-Semitism has been around a long time. The book of Obadiah reveals that the nation of Edom got caught up in it. Today we will consider the declaration of God concerning Edom in verses 1-9.
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Not A Good Time (III)May 12 2019
Exodus 2:1-10
After the death of Joseph, it was not a good time for Israel in Egypt. Not a good time to get married and grow old together. Not a good time to grow a family. Not a good time to grow up in the palace and court of the king.
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Not A Good Time (II)May 5 2019
Exodus 1:15-22
When a new king came to power in Egypt it was not a good time to be a Hebrew man or woman. It was also not a good time to be a Hebrew midwife or a Hebrew male child.
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