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Knowing the Time (I)Mar 17 2019
James 5:13
In James 5:13 the focus is on knowing the time. First of all, knowing the time to pray and, secondly, knowing the time to praise.
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Don't Forget!Mar 10 2019
James 5:10-12
In the midst of their trials and struggles what were James's readers to do? Among other things they were not to forget. James's message is three-fold. Don't forget the prophets! Don't forget the proverbial sufferer! And don't forget the promises of God!
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What Does the Future Hold for Israel?Mar 3 2019
Zechariah 3:1-10
What does the future hold for Israel? Zechariah 3 makes it clear that Israel has a glorious future. This will begin to be realized when the Messiah comes to establish His earthly kingdom.
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What About the Day of the Lord?Feb 24 2019
2 Thessalonians 2:1-5
What about the day of the Lord? Had it come? This was one of the matters that was troubling the Thessalonian church in the 1st century. In 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5 the Apostle Paul addressed this matter and set the record straight.
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Wise WaitingFeb 17 2019
James 5:7-9
We are waiting for the coming of the Lord. And we are to be waiting wisely. What does waiting wisely require? There are at least three requirements: patience, persuasion and persistence.
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Rich RemindersFeb 10 2019
James 5:1-6
In vv. 1-6 James has rich reminders for his readers. Reminders for the rich. He begins with this reminder; do not hold off in using wealth wisely. He follows up this reminder with three more.
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Planners & PlungersFeb 3 2019
James 4:13-17
The focus in this section of James' letter is on planners and plungers. Beginning with their confidence and ending with their conflict James offers key insights for our learning and admonition.
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A Timeless TestJan 27 2019
James 4:11-12
James 4:11-12 provides a timeless test for Christians. The test is comprised of three questions. Are you above the Lawgiver's children? Are you above the Lawgiver's law? Are you above the Lawgiver?
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Ready! Set! Exercise!Jan 20 2019
James 4:7-10
In James 4:7-10 James provides exercises for maintaining a spiritually healthy heart. These exercises involve stooping, standing, strengthening, straightening and striving.
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A Serious ChargeJan 13 2019
James 4:4-6
What was the serious charge made by James? What was the choice his readers had made? What was the change made by his audience?
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