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The Resolved Redeemer (I)Mar 22 2020
John 17:1-5
In His high priestly prayer recorded in John 17, Jesus prayed for His disciples, future believers, and Himself. In praying for Himself it is evident that He was resolved. Resolved, first of all, to complete the way in which His Father would have Him go.
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A Blessing In DisguiseMar 15 2020
Jeremiah 24:1-10
In 605 B.C. the king of Babylon and his army came against Jerusalem. The city was captured and a number of Jews were deported to Babylon. There was a second deportation in 597 B.C. It would be a blessing in disguise.
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Pseudo Shepherds & SeersMar 8 2020
Jeremiah 23:1-40
In the 23rd chapter of Jeremiah God has a strong message of condemnation and judgment for those who assumed the role of shepherds and seers. In reality, they were pseudo shepherds and seers.
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Crowned With ShameMar 1 2020
Jeremiah 21 & 22
In chapters 21 and 22 the focus is on the last four kings of the southern Kingdom of Judah. All four not only wore the crown of their country but also a crown of shame.
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An Honest to God ManFeb 23 2020
Jeremiah 20:7-18
Jeremiah was an honest to God man. He let God know how he was feeling. He expresses his displeasure, distress, decision, desire, and despair to God.
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Blessed Not BrokenFeb 16 2020
Jeremiah 19:1-20:6
Jeremiah 19:1-20:6 features a flask, a future, and a fool. What do they have in common? All three were broken.
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A Visit to the Potter's HouseFeb 9 2020
Jeremiah 18:1-4
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Settling AccountsFeb 2 2020
2 Peter 1:16-21
In 2 Peter 1:16-21 Peter shares with his readers certain settling accounts. Accounts that can settle the heart and mind of believers.
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A Time to GrowJan 26 2020
2 Peter 1:5-11
Once a person is born again into the family of God it is time to grow and mature and develop. God has provided us with all that we need to do so.
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Potters, Prodigals, and a ProphetJan 19 2020
Jeremiah 18:1-23
Jeremiah 18 features potters, prodigals, and a prophet. All are involved in the scenario that played itself out before the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.
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