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Planners & PlungersFeb 3 2019
James 4:13-17
The focus in this section of James' letter is on planners and plungers. Beginning with their confidence and ending with their conflict James offers key insights for our learning and admonition.
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A Timeless TestJan 27 2019
James 4:11-12
James 4:11-12 provides a timeless test for Christians. The test is comprised of three questions. Are you above the Lawgiver's children? Are you above the Lawgiver's law? Are you above the Lawgiver?
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Ready! Set! Exercise!Jan 20 2019
James 4:7-10
In James 4:7-10 James provides exercises for maintaining a spiritually healthy heart. These exercises involve stooping, standing, strengthening, straightening and striving.
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A Serious ChargeJan 13 2019
James 4:4-6
What was the serious charge made by James? What was the choice his readers had made? What was the change made by his audience?
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Reality CheckJan 6 2019
James 4:1-3
In the opening verses of James 4, James provides his readers with a three-fold reality check. A reality check in regard to their desires, determination, and dependence.
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Where Is Jesus?Dec 30 2018
Luke 2:41-52
"Where is Jesus?" This is the question Joseph and Mary were asking. What did they know? What didn't they know? What could/should they have known?
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O Little Town of NazarethDec 23 2018
Matthew 2:19-23
There are four arrivals involving Jesus and the village of Nazareth. His arrival with His parents. The arrival of Jesus' family. His arrival at maturity. And the arrival of Jesus' time to leave Nazareth.
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Sojourn in EgyptDec 16 2018
Matthew 2:13-21
Following the birth of Christ, Joseph took his family to Egypt where they sojourned for a time. There are three departures related to the sojourn in Egypt. A departure related to danger, to dementia, and to death.
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The Real Star of BethlehemDec 9 2018
Matthew 2:1-11
The star of Bethlehem will be the focus of our study. We will consider the star's appearance, its disappearance and its reappearance.
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A Visit to the TempleDec 2 2018
Luke 2:22-38
In these verses Luke tells of a visit to the Temple by Joseph and Mary with the Christ Child. They brought Him to the Temple to present Him to the Lord. Who was there? There were worshipers, waiters and wonderers.
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