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God Approved ReligionSep 23 2018
James 1:26-27
There are three essential elements in God approved religion. They are control,concern and conformity.
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A Heart for the WordSep 16 2018
James 1:19-25
What does a heart for the Word of God look like? From what James shares in vv. 19-25 we can conclude it is a principled heart, a prepared heart and a productive heart.
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Dos & Don'ts When TemptedSep 9 2018
James 1:13-18
When tempted don't play the blame game, don't play with fire and don't play the fool or be played for a fool. Do pay attention to the fact that God is good and good all the time.
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Home Not So Sweet HomeSep 2 2018
Luke 4:16-30
In Luke 4:16-30 we read of Jesus returning to His hometown of Nazareth. It was a remarkable visit. There was a remarkable declaration, a remarkable disclosure, and a remarkable display.
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A Brother's BeatitudeAug 26 2018
James 1:12
"Blessed is the man." In what might be called James' beatitude he sets forth the responsibility, the result and reward for the blessed man.
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Living in the Light of EternityAug 19 2018
James 1:9-11
Regardless of where a Christian finds himself on the financial and economic spectrum, he is to live in light of eternity. In verses 9-11 James gives a reason why this to be so for the poor man and a reason why this is to be so for the one who is rich.
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DiscipleshipAug 12 2018
Selected Scriptures
In this message, Howard Friesen, sets forth three aspects of discipleship. The content, the commission and the circumstances.
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When We Lack WisodmAug 5 2018
James 1:5-8
What do we do when we lack wisdom in trials? James addresses this issue in James 1:5-8. He sets forth the response of the Christian, the Responder to the Christian, and the responsibility of the Christian.
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Golden OpportunitiesJul 29 2018
James 1:2-4
What are Christians to do when trials come? From what James shares in verse 2-4 they are to rejoice, to remember, and to remain.
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The Author & the AudienceJul 22 2018
James 1:1-2
Who wrote the New Testament letter of James? And to whom was the letter written? Why was the letter written? These are the questions we will explore in our opening study of James.
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