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Portraits of the Prophet (I)Nov 3 2019
Jeremiah 14:17-22; 15:10-21
In chapters 14-16 of Jeremiah several portraits of the prophet are set forth. The first of these portraits is that of the weeping prophet. The second is that of the woe is me prophet.
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In The Dry SeasonOct 20 2019
Jeremiah 14:1-15:9
Jeremiah was given a message concerning the droughts. There are three parts to the message: the present condition of the land, the prayers of the people, and the proclamations of the Lord.
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Illuminating IllustrationsOct 13 2019
Jeremiah 13:1-27
The messages given to Jeremiah in chapter 13 contain several illuminating illustrations. The illustrations not only provoke interest but also shed light on what God had to say to the people of Judah.
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Perplexing ProblemsOct 6 2019
Jeremiah 12:1-17
Jeremiah and his people were confronted with four perplexing problems. They were the prosperity of the wicked, the plead of the righteous, the plight of the prophet and the plan of God.
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This Is Your LifeSep 29 2019
Jeremiah 11:1-25
This is your life, Jeremiah! This is your prophetic life. This is your prayer life. This is your physical life.
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Makes No SenseSep 22 2019
Jeremiah 10:1-25
In Jeremiah 10 Jeremiah sets forth what is true concerning false gods and what is true concerning the true God. In doing so he makes it abundantly clear that idolatry makes no sense.
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A Whole Lot of MourningSep 15 2019
Jeremiah 9:1-26
In Jeremiah 9 there is a whole lot of mourning. First there is a mourning prophet. Then there are a mourning people. Finally, there is a mourning preventative. As it turns out the whole lot of mourning didn't have to be.
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A Message of NosSep 8 2019
Jeremiah 8:4-22
Jeremiah was given a message of "nos" from the Lord. For the people of Judah there would be no return, no recognition, no remorse and no recovery.
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A Soul Set FreeSep 1 2019
Acts 8:26-40
Acts 8:26-40 presents the story of a soul set free. The story involves three main characters. A servant named Philip, a searcher without a name and a Savior whose name is above every name.
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The Whole PackageAug 25 2019
Luke 18:18-23
The rich young ruler who came to Jesus seemingly had the whole package. He was healthy, wealthy and wise. But there was something missing in his life. What was it?
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